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About us


Our Vision

To develop professional leaders.

Our Mission

To promote and protect the interests of the securities and investment profession by upholding the highest standards of service and integrity.

Core Values

We embrace the following values to help fulfill our mission:

• Professionalism – we seek to achieve the highest level of professionalism in all activities

• Members focus – we commit to deliver services that meet with a high level of member satisfaction

• Quality of Service – we provide qualitative, efficient, timely and responsive service and continuously improve what we do

• Integrity – the ways we conduct business are fair, honest and trustworthy

• Accountability – we take responsibility for our actions, decisions and performance

• Resourcefulness – we are proactive, innovative, and cost effective

• Transparency – we are committed to openness and communication

• Respect – we will act towards our members, students, employees and the public in a spirit of dignity and respect, teamwork and inclusiveness

Strategic Goals

The strategic goals of the Institute are:

1. To produce highly skilled manpower relevant to the needs of the stockbroking profession and the capital market.

2. To promote the active involvement of all members in achieving our mission.

3. To promote collaboration among all stakeholders to achieve our mission.

4. To promote research on effective stockbroking profession and best practices.

5. To effectively use our financial and human resources in achieving our goals and objectives while meeting member and student needs.

6. To provide members with a sustainable, efficient and transparent organisation.

7. To put in place a befitting and functional secretariat for the Institute.

Vision, Mission and Objectives

Governance & Structure
Principal Officers
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