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To serve as the knowledge hub of the Institute; gathering, processing and disseminating information on the Institute, capital market, financial system and economy to inform and empower industry practitioners, stakeholders, investing public, students with interest in the capital market and policy makers; and to use research to market and enhance the brand capital of the Institute and also create an environment for positive and constructive policy evaluation and evolution for the overall benefit of the financial system and economy.




  • To ensure a vibrant and innovative research programme and environmental analysis to keep abreast of local and global trends in markets and economies.

  • To identify and design collaborative research projects with Universities, Polytechnics and other external researchers.

  • To conduct and produce agenda setting reports for policy makers towards driving growth in the capital market.

  • To cultivate both the local and foreign Financial Press and Analysts and be a reference point in financial market and economy reportage.

  • To regularly publish articles on topical issues on the capital market and economy to maintain presence in the press and the psyche of the investing public.

  • To periodically organize technical workshops and seminars on topical issues on the financial system, either on a collaborative basis with relevant and reputable institutions or as stand alone, for capacity building, income generation and to serve as public relation platforms for the Institute.

  • To publish the Journal on Finance and Investment for in-depth academic research befitting of the Institute for the benefit of the global finance industry.

  • To interact with stockbrokers on a regular basis and on special occasions to address particular issues of the market as they may arise.

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